Kendall Katwalk Training Run – 8/26/18

Run 2/2 for the weekend. I was feeling pretty unimaginative yesterday. When Peter mentioned that Lily and some other Mountaineers would be hiking up to Kendall Katwalk, and then I realized that the Katwalk is exactly as long as I need, my fate was sealed. My legs were super tired from yesterday, but as they warmed up they felt way better.

  • Distance: 12.1mi
  • Elevation gain: 3178′
  • Time: 3:29 c2c
  • Food: 0.5L water, 1.5 shot block bars, 1 cliff bar

The entire journey is on the PCT, so the trail was in great shape. Plenty of it is runnable.

I bombed the way down; 2:07 up, 1:22 down, including much walking.

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