Gem Lake Run – 09/08/18

My race is in less than two weeks. Shit is starting to get real. This part of the training is all about resting and tuning my legs for race day. This past weekend was my last long training run before the race. Gem lake is an absolute favorite of mine. I had been wanting to run in this area for a while, so when I found that upper wildcat lake was the perfect distance, I jumped on the opportunity. Nat was looking for a long trail run, so we agreed to go and give this a try.

As positive as I was about running in this area, I forgot just how rocky the trail was, especially once you start climbing up to Snow Lake. So, there was plenty of walking. Hey, you put on the running vest and running shoes and you’re a runner, right? 🙂

It’s been interesting getting to know my body better. I’ve read about being in tune with how recovery is going, but this is the first time I’ve been really paying attention to what it has to say. What it had to say on Saturday was that I was low on motivation, low on energy, and needed the rest. So, I turned around at the ridge looking at Lower Wildcat lake. Man, Lower Wildcat is a long ways down there. A long way. So, listening to my body I decided to turn around then and start getting ready for the taper.

I’ve put in the training hours. Now I rest. Soon I crush it.

  • Distance: 11.15mi
  • Elevation: 3100′
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Food: 2 packets of Tailwind, 1 kind bar

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